Welcome to Body Systems Design!

Greetings Friends!

Welcome to my first blog post of the “Body Systems Design” era!

For those of you who have yet to discover, Body Systems Design is my transformative new organization, which is designed to help inspire YOU to access and activate your innate intelligence, and empower YOU to:

* Influence positive change in all 11 of your body systems
* Create enduing balance and homeostasis
* Enhance and protect your vital systems
* Empower your heart to serve your body!

Body Systems Design is also the home of me and my lifetime partner Michael E. Gerber’s extraordinary Dreaming Room for Well-Being™ program, which empowers you to enter into your new life of JOY, SUCCESS and AWAKENING! It’s a 1-year, 36-session program that will truly change your life! Learn all about the program here.

In the coming days, I’ll be posting new and exciting announcements, along with other insights and opinions that will support you on your journey of awakening. Here’s just a small preview of what’s on the horizon:

* A look a how Body Systems Design was “born” through my life-changing experiences at the amazing Hippocrates Health Institute!
* Tips and suggestions for experiencing more joy in your life RIGHT NOW!
* Ideas on how to get YOUR house in order – this week we’ll be looking at emptying your refrigerator!
* Photos, reflections and maybe even a few poems from Michael if I can twist his arm!
* Special offers for my programs that are only available to my beloved community – which means YOU!

…and that’s just the start! We have so many things to share, and so many exciting places to go together!

Stay tuned!

With love and gratitude,