If You Haven’t “Tasted” Well-Being in Years, We Will Assist You to
Get There in 21 Days!

Join us for the ‘Taste of Well-Being’ program, and you will discover the roots of sustained ‘Well-Being’ so that you can experience it anywhere, anytime!

A 21-Day Course Starting in Early 2014.

Here is what you may begin to experience after just 21 days — and maybe even before:

  • Live a healthier, happier lifestyle
  • Boost your health and energy
  • Renew your vitality and joy
  • Look better and feel better
  • Achieve optimal “work-life” balance
  • Neutralize stress and pressure
  • Truly “own” your Well-Being!

“Hi – my name is Luz Delia Gerber and I’m here to share with YOU an amazing opportunity to rejuvenate Yourself.

I have been in the Well-Being field for over 25 years and have been blessed to allow Gods’ Healing to take place in my Mind/Body. It’s taking place in my body because I’m taking a stand to heal my body naturally, as opposed to drugging, freezing, or cutting into it with a surgeon’s scalpel.

One of my most significant personal lessons of healing was when I had a tooth infection that turned into a systemic toxic infection throughout my body that lasted for a whole year, and it nearly killed me. My Ayurveda doctor recommended antibiotics due to the severity of the infection! I did, and that still did not work.

Now, as I continue going back to the Living Foods Lifestyle, using Plant Based Live phytonutrients, which Dr. Ann Wigmore infused in me, I AM CLEAR that is the way to heal…. And so it has been an amazing journey, and at the same time it has been an incredible learning opportunity for me…and now my ‘mission’ is to share my experience with you.”


If you are like me, you know that this is sometimes the hard way to heal. Today, I do whatever it is that I am required to do, but,  I do it naturally!

When you have to heal from dis-ease, there are options.

Yes – You have options, and responsibilities too. You need to know your body better, and to take care of it the best way you can.

“One of our most joyful endeavors is to bring you ‘Real Scientific Truths’ about ‘Health’ today, and ‘Resources’ that you can access and use to assist you to make an informed choice, the best choice you can at that moment!

When you join us for the ‘Taste of Well-Being’, you’ll discover for yourself how some simple, sensible reductions and or adjustments can make a dramatic difference in your health and Well-Being.

You’ll discover what to pay attention to, and what to watch for, so you can have better health and a greater sense of Well-Being — Today and for the REST  OF YOUR LIFE!”



Once you implement what you learn in the course with your family and children, you will inspire and improve their ‘Well-Being’, too. In short, this is for you and for the whole family — husbands, wives, fathers, mothers and even more important the children.

Are you ready to laugh and share stories and tears as
we come face to face with the Simplicity of Life, and
come together in community to discover ourselves?

Whether you know a little or a lot about your body or about Well-Being, this ‘Taste of Well-Being’ curriculum is for you!

Whether you are fit, young and beautiful (or desire to be), sleep 8+ hours continuously every night, hydrate your Temple daily, cherish your Life, exercise, practice being Well, are clear of your intentions and focus always on their realization—this ‘Taste of Well-Being’ curriculum is for You!

Whether you consciously use your breath, prayer, meditation, and movement as intricate lifestyle modalities for you; whether you nourish your body as a true Queen, can show off in a two-piece bikini; whether your love for you is demonstrated by your inner joy and the love you show others through your Light—this ‘Taste of Well-Being’ curriculum is for you!

Or if you are terminally ill, and feel helpless and hopeless—this ‘Taste of Well-Being’ curriculum is for you!

Whether you yearn for more energy, desire to design a Perfect body, or body weight, crave some simple meals to nourish your body—this ‘Taste of Well-Being’ curriculum is for you!

If you have been looking for a holistic doctor to answer some important questions, require a second opinion about your Well-Being, or are interested in alternative therapies and solutions—this ‘Taste of Well-Being’ curriculum is for you!

Whether you schedule at least one hour a week JUST FOR YOU, or your schedule just has too many “To Dos,” and you desire to create a dream life, one that you totally Love—this ‘Taste of Well-Being’ curriculum is for you!


About the Course:

There will be 7 sessions over a 4-week period

product image - luz2
  • Each Session
  • Lasts 75-90 minutes.
  • Is delivered online (via a webinar).
  • Consists of teaching, training, case studies and personal sharing components.
  • You will have time during each session to share your thoughts and experiences or ask questions.
  • There will also be a ‘hands on’ component to the sessions where you will take part in experiential exercises or activities like meditation and breathing exercises.
  • You will also be introduced to the power of journaling and the changes that journaling can make in your life.
  • Will be personally led by Luz Delia Gerber, Creator and CEO of Body Systems Design.


“Finally – someone with the heart to share a life saving dire message!

Listen to your inner self to guide you!”

Dr. Brian Clement, Ph.D., L.N.C.

Hippocrates Health Institute, Director


“This is an amazing journey with Body Systems Design… A journey to health and vitality, a journey to my heart!”

Natalie Bereznitska

“There is only one person with one provoking message, listen in!”

Dr. Don Hayes, D.C.

Founder and President of Ceautamed Worldwide, LLC., Greens and
Wellness Watchers Global, LLC.



Let’s Do This Together: Awaken the Divine Within
and See How Far We Can Go!

  • Register today and invite your spouse and immediate family members especially children (get those close to you to support YOUR choices!) all for the one price of $147
  • Lifetime access for you to join us on the “Taste of Well-Being” journey any time are ready.
  • One year free access to the “Body Systems Design Global Connect” community – a $240 value.

[Image] [Image]


Our guarantee is that you can participate in our program again anytime you are ready to expand your Well-Being.

In fact, we encourage you to come back often and reinforce what you have learned.


  • I have been in the Well-Being field for over 25 years and healing has taken place in my body every day as it is a living organism.
  • Join us and let me share my key healing experiences with you.
  • I am so excited to share my journey and assist other people achieve Well-Being so we can make the world a better place.


[Image] Luz Delia Gerber is the Creator and CEO of Body Systems Design, Inc., a Hippocrates Certified Health Educator, with more than 25 years of experience in health education and corporate consulting. She has been recognized and featured numerous times in print, as an author, on TV and online. She is also the Chief Executive Officer of Michael E. Gerber Companies.

Body Systems Design, Inc, is a company on a mission to assist people from all walks of life achieve transformational healing, inspired balance, optimal homeostasis, and lasting Well-Being that “Awakens into the Divine Within.”

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