If You Haven’t “Tasted” Well-Being in Years, We Will Assist You to
Get There in 21 Days!

  • Live a healthier, happier lifestyle
  • Boost your health and energy
  • Renew your vitality and joy
  • Look better and feel better
  • Achieve optimal “work-life” balance
  • Neutralize stress and pressure
  • Truly “own” your Well-Being!

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21 Days to Beautiful Skin


Live YOUR life as if these are your last 21 Days

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What Will You Get From This Workbook?

More balance in your Life ~ more health, vitality and joy.

In 21 Days, you will become more connected to YOURSELF on a daily basis. Just take 3 specific actions: breathe, hydrate and develop pH awareness.
These three actions will inform you of YOUR current reality WITHIN your body and enhance YOUR Well-Being like never before.
YOU choose: stay where you are or march forth for LIFE!

Live YOUR life as if these are your last 21 Days and record everything that you ingest physically and mentally – upsets and miracles alike, all for a rejuvenating experience. Use this beautiful (pdf) workbook to record your thoughts and notes as you go through the 21 days regimen. You can add photos or clippings – anything you want.

The “21 Days” features a case study of how one young woman achieved a dramatic change in health and vitality in just 21 days.

Then, schedule a 15-20 minute call with Luz Delia Gerber and discover what just HAPPENED! All this is part of YOUR rejuvenating experience!

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Awesome- the ‘tiny bites’ I’ve learned from Luz Delia, I practice and enjoy my daily personal experiences–”
Abi Ferrin
With Purpose

“This is an amazing journey with Body Systems Design… A journey to health and vitality, a journey to my heart!”
Natalie Bereznitska

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