Mother’s Day and Reflexology – A Gift to You!

A Tribute to All Mothers!

Let me begin with sharing about reflexology and why this Mother’s Day so important to me in terms of reflexology. Reflexology is an old art with a new meaning for this special day.

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A Brief History of Reflexology

image001I first saw this picture in 1988, when I studied reflexology with Dwight Byers at the International Institute of Reflexology.

This shows inscriptions found in the physician’s tomb at Saqqara in Egypt. Dwight shared this message enthusiastically about the translation of the hieroglyphics. He suggested they were Practitioner and Client-connected: “Don’t hurt me.” The Practitioner’s reply:” I shall act so you praise me.”
Reflexology is an act of love and awareness and helping someone else physically relieve ailments by applying gentle pressure to certain points on the foot. Each reflex point on the foot has a correlation to the organs on each of the ten meridians.
I went to study reflexology, and for the more than 12 years I Practiced this ancient art.
There must be a definite correlation between one’s feet, the PLANTAR, and the rest of the body. In Dwight’s reflexology book, he mentioned that Dr. Riley maintained this form of healing spread from Egypt via the Roman Empire.

The Power of Reflexology

One of the most interesting stories Dwight shared with us was how he was a very sick child and his aunt, Eunice D. Ingham, would work on his feet!
Their study began early in the 1917 with Dr. William H. Fitzgerald, M.D. when he stated in his book, Relieving Pain At Home: “Humanity is awakening to the fact that sickness, in a large percentage of cases, is an error–of body and mind”.
When I recall all the reflexology clients I worked with, I witnessed Miracle after Miracles. From children to the elderly, from stressed clients to people with cancer or a foot to be amputated. Through reflexology and a new lifestyle, they were able to live and enjoy their days more fully.
It has become more and more clear to me how true this has proven itself to be. If you also study the art of Acupressure or Acupuncture, then reflexology begins to make more sense.
As I practiced more, by playing with my clients feet and providing a “rejuvenating experience,” they became the ones who had stories to tell.
It was so organically simple for me to do reflexology. I just handed ME over to God, thanking him for the opportunity and asking that whatever His Child required, He Provided! My mission was to then apply pressure to the entire plantar and the entire foot. I also learned and witnessed that the reflexes on the feet are a reflection and an image of all the organs, glands and parts of the body. By stimulating the foot you affect the entire body, which can be an awakening to some as well as an extreme opportunity to deepen your breath and rejuvenate. My clients came in weekly.

My journey continued inside a Whole Foods Market on Wilcrest and Westheimer, in Houston Texas when Mark Dixon, “Flash,” invited me to hang my shingle in their store and offer something unique: reflexology. I promoted juicing, clean colon and raw Living Foods Lifestyles. They noticed me, liked my energy, my vision and an opportunity arose! It grew and we became great collaborators in enhancing Well-Being in our Communities and eventually trickled to the corporate workplace!

Miracles did take place with my clients, only because I gave myself to the unknown, enjoying playing with people’s feet and the Miracles were realized. I Practiced for twelve years, until the practice got so big and I had NO IDEA how to make the business part work! I was working very long hours, managing 30+ massage practitioners, and in 2011, I collapsed. I had to re-group and revitalize myself and my dream, and I did so successfully. HERE I AM Today with an expanded Dream: awakening the ENTIRE body!

I met weekly at 5 am with an ad agency client before we both went to work and created, guided by God and assisted by Jesus, a beautiful full-color chart with the anatomical organs mapped out. This chart became very popular and was featured in Allure Magazine with The rejuvenating experience I created to enhance each client’s session.

My journey has come a long way on such a basic principle of simple techniques for well-being!

To Summarize My Joy

My mother transitioned last November, at 82! I miss her so! I enjoyed being very close to her for the last 3 years of her life.

Each day, I know more and more how much my mother loved me! I know how much I love her and will, into eternity.

I love you, Mamita!

My Gift to You This Mother’s Day…
In Tribute To Your Mother, and all the Mothers in this World!
Yours by just requesting it, I AM gifting anyone that desires this special download to print and enjoy!

This special illustrated guide will help mothers and daughters, sons and partners, siblings and friends take care of each other through the simple art of reflexology, practice correctly and make it perfect.

Now, play with your family and awaken the Divine within!

I didn’t know what i was doing, the results, the outcomes. But suddenly, there they were: the Miracles! They guided me and informed me, as does the Divine Healer within!

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Much Joy and Gratitude,

Luz Delia