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Below are links to our recordings of conference calls highlighting the work of Body Systems Design and the Dreaming Room for Well-Being.

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If you have a slow connection to the Internet (e.g., dial-up) or would like to save the audio lecture, you may want to download the entire audio recording to your computer instead of listening to it directly on the Internet. To download an audio recording, follow these instructions.

Right-click (click the right mouse button) on the word “Button” to the left and choose “Save Target As” (on Firefox “Save Link As”, on Mozilla “Save Link Target As”) from the pop-up menu. You will be prompted for a location on your computer to save the audio file. Choose a location you will remember later. Once the file has been downloaded, navigate to the location where you saved the audio file and double-click to start listening to it.


Mother’s Day Gift: Reflexology Chart

reflexologyIn celebration of Mothers everywhere and the spirit of well-being we are sharing this original artistic creation by Luz Delia Gerber.

A beautiful illustration showing the reflexology points on the foot corresponding to the major organs of our bod, useful for self care or treating someone dear to your heart.

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March Forth! Recording of the interview and conversation with Dr. Brian Clement and Michael E. Gerber

What an unbelievable call on Monday night! We had packed lines, a great vibe, and wonderful sharing and content from Dr Brian Clement and my husband, Michael E.Gerber.

Download Part 1 Download Part 2

Recording of the conversation with Dr. Brian Clement about Dr. Ann Wigmore, the founder of HHI

Dr. Brian Clement and Michael E. Gerber, in conversation where Dr. Clement relates the extraordinary story of Ann Wigmore, her use of wheatgrass as a key dietary component began a revolution in the world of nutrition, and the founding of the Hippocrates Health Institute.


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