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Introducing the ‘Dreaming Room for Well-Being’

Now You Can SUSTAIN Your Well-Being Anytime, Anywhere!

Vibrant, healthy and dynamic Well-Being is more than a one time “event” or “episode.” It’s a state of being that you can tap into whenever you wish and:

  • Activate your innate power
  • Boost your health and energy
  • Renew your vitality and joy
  • Achieve optimal “work-life” balance
  • Neutralize stress and pressure
  • Truly “own” your Well-Being!

Here is what our mutual friend and mentor, Dr. Brian Clement had to say about the ‘Dreaming Room for Well-Being’

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So, how do you discover the roots of sustained Well-Being, so that you can experience it anytime, anywhere?

It’s easy: you discover how through the groundbreaking Dreaming Room for Well-Being™!

Created by HHI-certified Health Educator Luz Delia Gerber and her husband and partner Michael E. Gerber, the Dreaming Room for Well-Being is a 1-year program delivered via 36 online weekly meetings (three weeks a month).

The program is designed to take you on a transformative, life-changing journey of sustained Well-Being that will empower you to experience: more joy, more awareness, more personal freedom, more health — and ultimately, to “Awaken the Divine Within”!

HHI-certified Health Educator Luz Delia Gerber and her husband and partner Michael E. Gerber

The Dreaming Room for Well-Being Officially Launches on March 4, 2013.

We invite you to grab your spot for the special launch conference call with Dr. Clement, Luz Delia Gerber and Michael Gerber. This call will take place on Monday, 4th March at 3pm PST.

Discover how the ‘Dreaming Room for Well-Being’ will help you sustain your commitment to Well-Being today, tomorrow, and into your vibrant and healthy future!

Click here to learn more about the ‘Dreaming Room for Well-Being’ program.

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