Dr. Ann Wigmore –The Mother of Wheatgrass!


Dr. Ann Wigmore –The Mother of Wheatgrass!

Looking back to November 1985, I can still hear the words which have inspired and moved me passionately for over 25 years!

“Little One, Give Your Body to the World!”

I recall the Angelic Message from my beloved Dr. Ann Wigmore when she spoke those words to me just after her discourse and before she dismissed us for our wheatgrass implants.  Little did I know that today I can experience the gift with which she endowed me.

It was a cold and snowy winter in Boston, when my friend LaVerne and I were preparing for our trip to my first ten-day silent meditation- Vipassana. She suggested that prior to it, we meet up with and enjoy a day and a half with her friend Ann.  We had just gotten off the plane and feeling hungry, all I could think of was hot chicken soup!

Wow! I’ve never seen so many colorful bowls all at once on one counter! They were filled with a myriad of foods, sprouts, salads and blended soups- most of which were GREEN! One of the most prominent soups Ann featured was her energy soup; a splendid stable food. Ann’s philosophy was that anyone with digestive issues, the elderly or those in need of healing from dis-ease, could use the energy soup as the first step to wellness. If one had dental issues and could not chew, the energy soup was easy to digest.

Ann Wigmore was born Anna Marie Warapicki in Lithuania on March 4, 1909 (my birthday is also on March 4th!) in Lithuania. As a child, raised primarily by her nurse, Wigmore learned about the healing properties of using herbs and grasses as healing elements. This lead to a lifelong journey and passion for feeding and treating the body with natural and homoeopathic remedies. Wigmore wished to,

“…see a world without sickness, sorrow or mental disturbance in which we are living in perfect balance with abundant health and harmony.  Reconnect with nature and your body will take care of the rest. This is the beauty of self-healing.”

In me, She planted the seeds of vision and inspiration. And she got to see them sprout! Shortly after I went home, I had the desire to find out and discover more. When I met with Ann, she made some recommendations to read some of her books and contact Katherine Kennedy- a practitioner of the Ann Wigmore way of life, who lived in Houston, Texas.

I did what Ann said, got her program and before I knew it, I began my journey into my personal Well-Being and sharing myself with everyone I came across.

I began promoting her books and books by the famed Dr. Norman Walkers.  Almost overnight, I became the voice of Well-Being in my community.

I created rejuvenate, Inc., a Well-Being practice, where I became a most sought after reflexologist inside the Whole Foods Market in Houston, Texas.  The general manager had seen me around the store passionately promoting and selling their books and juicers, advising people as to the best items to take home and use. When they opened a new store on Wilcrest and Westheimer, they offered me a little space! Soon that little space expanded to about 5-600 square feet and this was the launch of a new business!

Passion and Commitment were the drivers! Various local businesses and corporations found out my unique venture, working with people’s feet and producing Miraculous Results, raw living foods, classes, reflexology, neuromuscular therapy, breath facilitation –a process of taking a client through a course of breathing techniques to help their colons release compacted fecal matter, immune detoxification, etc. Even the local news picked up my passion and soon I was on the news across the country.  (LUZ INSERT A VIDEO CLIP)

Ann came to lecture several times in Houston and soon we were designing corporate events with Chevron, Administaff, Sterling Bank, William M. Mercer, etc. where, I created an important statement: “The Employee is the Most Valuable Asset!”

I was fortunate to be personally Mentored by Ann and I completed my internship to become a Living Foods Lifestyle Facilitator in Mayaguez, PR.  I myself was born in Puerto Rico, so this was a real treat!  Amazingly, Ann herself directed my wedding and made it into a full Living Foods event. It even included pink Rejuvelac champagne.

The next chapter of this odyssey has now begun. The Spirit guided me to locate Ann Wigmore at 4:10 one early April morning while I was visiting my mom in Ocala, FL. I woke up to a prompting; “Locate Ann Wigmore?” I remember saying “But Ann ascended!” Again, the prompting repeated, “Locate Ann Wigmore!” “Am I going to ascend?” I asked. “Locate Ann Wigmore!”

I Googled Ann Wigmore’s name and HHI came up first among many other resorts. I discovered the Hippocrates Health Institute in April of this year.  After being at HHI for one week, I knew I would be there for three weeks to complete the Life Transformation Program. It was very clear that The Health Educators Program (a 9-week program) was the next step in continuing my healing journey; thus being able, in turn, to support others in my communities and finally making Well-Being a global movement- a paradigm shift.

In spending time here at the Hippocrates Health Educators Program, a new business is percolating. The business of the body’s inner functions is important. From that understanding the idea of “The Body Systems Design(™)” has been born, where each of our 11 Systems and how they function will be manifested into a world-class business for myself and everyone that I am able to touch. My intention is to take my colleagues in class with me through the Dreaming Room for a 12-week Well-Being Transformational Program so that each can take their passion and their commitment to awaken the inner Entrepreneur.  The goal is to help them to articulate their Dream, Vision, Purpose and Mission and develop a Practice, a Business and an Enterprise for a healthier Self and community!

This is a magical gift that my amazing husband, Michael E. Gerber has given me — from taking our existing Origination Dreaming Room for businesses and tailoring it specifically to the Dreaming Room for Well-Being!  Our pilot program is scheduled for October 2012!!!

Step One in this extraordinary endeavor is for all those interested in altering their life paths to attend the HHI Life Transformation 3-week Program!

Contact me at LuzDelia@areUjoyous.com for your complimentary Well-Being questionnaire and consultation.

This is the birthing process for essential Well-Being.  I will support the “At Home Spa” for Longevity and Vitality; how to “Design and Apply YOUR Program for Sustainability, Longevity and Vitality” through our Global Network of Certified Dreaming Room for Well-Being Facilitators!

Is this going to be fun or what???

joyous breathing,

Luz Delia Gerber, CEO

The Body Systems Design (™)