Your Miraculous Immune System (May 15, 5pm EDT)

May 15, 2013 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Online webinar
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Your Miraculous Immune System

immune_system1The immune system is one of the most incredible and complex features of our amazingly and wonderfully built bodies. When functioning properly, this system of over two trillion defenders is capable of identifying and eliminating alien invaders while recognizing and leaving alone our own cells to do their business.

Over the last decade, the immune system has received unprecedented notoriety as the key element in the human body’s attaining or maintaining health.
Hippocrates has been teaching people what to do to keep their immune systems vibrant for over 30 years before the medical profession recognized the vital role that the immune system plays in our health.

In this webinar, Dr. Brian Clement will discuss the impact that lifestyle, environment, chemicals, and mutating invaders (such as viruses, bacteria and parasites) have on this vital health system.  He will also share some simple guidelines that he has found to enhance everyone’s immune system!

Be sure to join us for this eye-opening webinar!

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