A gift for you: an at home spa treatment.

These rejuvenating experiences have been applied in my personal life in a number of ways.  Modify to serve yours.  If you ARE prompted to consult, a physician, please request a consult with a wholistic physician, there are many.  Check our Resourceful Guide

The at home SPA was a regime gifted to my clients after I performed a  reflexology session to my clients in Houston, TX.  It release further stress and created more rejuvenation in their body.

It was so popular with my clients that it was featured in the Allure Magazine!

gift-spa3At home Spa 9  – “20 minutes / $20”

  1. a) Schedule 20 minutes at least once a week at a time when it’s your time to BE
  2. Have on hand
    * 4-10 lbs Epsom salt
    * Organic Essential Oil, lavender, sandalwood, eucalyptus etc
  3. Fill your tub with Hot water ( comfortable to you)
    *add 10-20 drops of organic essential oil
    *add 2-4 cups of epsom salt
  4. soak for 20 minutes
  5. rinse with cold water (comfortable to you)
  6. pat dry
  7. love your body with coconut oil
  8. get into bed before 10 pm
    * read your Dream Statement (discovery)  (to find out more info about)
    * journal and acknowledge your Gifts for the day
    * meditate
    * rejuvenate sleep for 8 hours
  9. wake up between 6-7 am
    * drink 8-16 oz of water
    * journal your messages from within
    * ask and accept your Gifts for the day
    * meditate
    * read your Dream Statement (discovery- to find out more info about)
    * journal anything that you listened to
    * eliminate
  10. do your minimum 10 min movement
  11. shower
  12. dress to meet with The Light God, Prana, Spirit, Jesus, Buddha (your choice- IT cares little how you refer to LOVE!
  13. EXPAND your joyful Day!
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