A gift for you: a rejuvenating elixir fit for a King or Queen.

These rejuvenating experiences have been applied in my personal life in a number of ways.  Modify to serve yours.  If you ARE prompted to consult, a physician, please request a consult with a wholistic physician, there are many.  Check our Resourceful Guide

The at home SPA was a regime gifted to my clients after I performed a  reflexology session to my clients in Houston, TX.  It release further stress and created more rejuvenation in their body.

It was so popular with my clients that it was featured in the Allure Magazine!

gift-drink3Cocktail Drink for a QUEEN – KING -” nourishing elixir”
a) DAILY ritual
b) Chia Seeds
* daily soak 4 teaspoons in distilled water for am and pm elixir
* in the morning place in a glass 4-6 oz of water
– soaked chia seeds, now gelacious
– juice of 1/2 lemon juice
* drink and enjoy am and pm
* look forward to a nourished body
* enjoy your rejuvenated elimination AND FLAT TUMMY

The cocktail Drink for a QUEEN – KING is a nutritious drink that is taken in the morning and at night.  Provides Omega 3 and 6 and supports daily easy elimination!  You can put it in you Greens First drink at least once a day.  Discover – (luz get a link from Dr. Don Hayes or get the product on the BSD site)

Some benefits in eating Chia Seeds
Less hunger as soaked seeds become gelacious and increase in size and weight, has fiber, maintain energy,  have healthy omega-3 oil – great for vegetarians, put them in your salad dressing, good source of protein,  anti-oxidants,  great for your skin, and best of all supports great elimination!  Why hold it in after all nutrients have been absorbed!! Let it go!


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