A gift for you: a 10 minute movement to stimulate your vital organs.

These rejuvenating experiences have been applied in my personal life in a number of ways.  Modify to serve yours.  If you ARE prompted to consult, a physician, please request a consult with a wholistic physician, there are many.  Check our Resourceful Guide

The at home SPA was a regime gifted to my clients after I performed a  reflexology session to my clients in Houston, TX.  It release further stress and created more rejuvenation in their body.

It was so popular with my clients that it was featured in the Allure Magazine!

gift-movement310 Minute MOVEMENT – “stimulate vital organs”
* This is a simple step in Qigong.  It’s a method for movement for calmness, stimulation and rejuvenating of major organs.
* You stand facing East or the Light of God with your feet at hip width
* You begin very slow and increase the speed as you are ready by swinging your hands to the left and to right going as far as you can.  The back of your hand begins to caress your body and stimulate your organs.
* envision your “little workers within” aligned with you to stimulate, release and heal all the cells in your body!

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